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Have you ever got what you want just because...

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If the answer is yes, the following fact might interest you.

DID YOU KNOW that options pricing is based on the Black-Scholes mathematical model that won the Nobel prize in the year 1997? How come no-one ever talks about it? Keep reading…

Imagine you have a tool, that can predict exactly what will be the value of your option in X days and with Y volatility as a function of the price of the stock. What are the advantages it can give you?

Are you beginning to see how you can use it BEFORE you enter the trade, AND see the result on the chart… fast…

Now that you know what you know, can you predict if you would use a tool that improves your occupational safety if one of your family members asked you to?

If you are reading this and you are in some way involved in the financial markets, your future will be brighter and you are more intelligent

In the beginning, people were trading out of the "ticker tape".

Then charts were invented and everyone used hand-drawn charts.

Then computers become available to the public and everyone converted to use computer made charts.

In the same way, everyone is moving from option chain matrix trading to a new visual way of trading - by using mathematical models that show you how your option will behave in its lifetime.

Changing options trading from a complex task, into a simple one.

Picture yourself 5 years from now looking at yourself today, as one of the many first traders that decided to use TECHNOLGY and never looked back.

You are the one your friends and family ask for help when options are involved.

As you keep reading, you are starting to realize the huge potential that it can bring to your trading, using a tool that up until now, was reserved for only the most powerful hedge-funds with huge amounts of R&D budget (hiring engineers to solve their complex problems).

You will know exactly what your outcomes can be BEFORE you enter any trade.

Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born

Alan Kay (Computer Scientist)

Wouldn't it be amazing if technology could make your life easier?

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Ben M.

I tried to predict the prices of options myself one year ago. Realized there are too many variables and it was time-consuming. With those indicators, in a couple of seconds, I get the results. Helps me sort out different options fast.

Mark A.

I was new on TradingView and Zohar answered every question I asked and helped me get started. It really simplifies the process of trading options for me.

James J.

All my friends are using it, so I decided to use it too. Best decision of 2020.

Very useful, helps me a lot.

God provides the wind,

but man must raise the sails

St. Augustine

You are the master of your ship

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