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and as Ken Robinson said:

Curiosity is the engine of achievement

Imagine what it would be like if options trading could be simplified and safer and you able to predict the behavior of options before you enter a trade.

Long term vs Short term options

long term options vs short term options.

View the risks and rewards

  • Know the profit targets in advance, find the best possible options and let the calculations be done for you. It will IMPROVE your occupational safety and professionalism.

  • GREEKS variables are something of the past and now your mind can concentrate only on price action.

Risk reward call option
Volatility change call option

Volatility change impact

  • Know how your P&L will change when the volatility changes and imagine how helpful it will be in managing your trades.

  • SPEED UP your learning curve which means you will feel more comfortable and confident in trading options.

Passage of Time impact

  • Know WHERE and WHEN you could realize a profit and harness the power of the structure of options to your advantage.

  • Use a wide range of options strategies for different market conditions.

Time option expiration strangle
put option lower timeframe

Multi - Timeframes

So you can use your favorite timeframe to day trade, swing trade, or investing.

Options Strategies Available

Is it easy? YES!

Is it accurate? YES!

Check your options before any trade

Take your skill to the next level

Become options authority

God provides the wind,

but man must raise the sails

St. Augustine

You are the master of your ship

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