Chobotaru Indicator

Chobotaru Indicator has two functions:

  1. Main: Probability cloud, giving the probability of stock or future to move to a certain price.

  2. Help traders understand where to take profit and where to put a stop-loss.

You don’t need knowledge about options trading, this indicator is for all traders/investors.


What does the indicator do?

The indicator is based on the partial differential equations from the mathematical model of options, the Black-Scholes model. Using these equations and market parameters the indicator shows on the chart the probability that the stock/future will touch a certain price until a specific date.

How the indicator helps traders and how to use it?

After you enter the inputs correctly, you will see colorful lines, each line representing the probability for the price to touch there in the current market conditions until a specific date.

It also helps the trader to see what range the stock is expected to move and what range is not probable in this period (according to the options prices).

As you can see, the probability cloud is expanding. This is because as time passes, the probabilities of reaching far away prices are increasing.

Link to the script.

AAPL probability cloud.png

Jesse Livermore Guide

Jesse Livermore guide contains:

  1. How he looked at the market.

  2. How he defined his pivot points.

  3. Normal price action VS abnormal price action.

  4. How he defined a trend up VS trend down.

  5. Jesse Livermore exact entries.

  6. Jesse Livermore warning signals.

  7. Illustrations describing his system from his book.

  8. Examples of his system for trend analysis on real stock charts.

jesse livermore 1.png
jesse livermore 2.png

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